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Is your Appraisal Complex?

Listed below are some examples of complexities which may add cost to your appraisal, often due to the difficulty in acquiring comparables with like-attributes, or acquiring and analyzing historical records. If you are in doubt, complete the form below or contact us to request a free appraisal quote for your property's specific condition.

  • Date of Death more than 5-6 year ago
  • Equestrian property
  • Few recent sales in area
  • Garage conversion
  • Gated community
  • Guest houses
  • Golf course view
  • LAX flight path
  • Niche communities (e.g., Hollywood Riviera in Redondo Beach, The Flats in Beverly Hills)
  • Panoramic views (e.g., Queen's Necklace)
  • Solar panels
  • Tennis courts
  • Traffic artery proximity