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Divorce Appraisals

A marriage ending in divorce is one of the most painful and turbulent experiences a couple can endure. Other than child custody, the other fiercely contested matter in a divorce is usually the disposition of the matrimonial home. How do you disentangle the profoundly entwined life you built together? It’s one thing to dole out the furniture, and an entirely different thing to divvy up your biggest investment – the house.

When it comes to divvying up your marital house, there are two options.

  • The first option is to sell the house and divide the proceeds along lines similar to the division of assets.
  • The second option is to have one spouse out the other.

Either way, a divorce appraisal is necessary in order to establish the fair market value of the house.

In such a serious matter, you don’t need an appraisal based on guesswork. What you need is an extremely well-supported appraisal that is justifiable in court and written to Federal, California, IRS and Treasury standards. This is where the services of an experienced real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, CA come in. Hooks and Associates is a professional home and real estate appraiser with a proven track record of success in divorce and home appraisals.

Hooks and Associates is experienced in handling divorce appraisals where the date of divorce appraisal is different from the date the report was ordered, or from the inspection date of appraisal. For this type of divorce appraisal, otherwise known as a retrospective appraisal, the particular effective date has to match the marriage date, or any other important date in the past. You can rely on us to handle such situations expertly and diligently, objectively and compassionately.

Get an Expert Divorce Appraisal Done by Hooks and Associates

You don’t want your divorce appraisal done by just any appraiser. You want the best. Hooks and Associates prides itself for being one of the most reputable real estate appraisers in Los Angeles, California. Our Certified Real Estate Appraiser, John Hooks, has for many years worked with different family law firms in divorce proceedings, thus has a wealth of knowledge in matters relating to divorce appraisals.

In the many years we’ve been in service, we have successfully completed numerous real estate appraisals in the Los Angeles area. So, we’re not only intimately familiar with every neighborhood therein, but we’re also conversant with the entire process of home value appraisal. We are always keen on maintaining the objectivity, confidentially and integrity that these types of appraisals require. This is because we strictly adhere with the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

If you need a divorce appraisal or any other appraisal for dividing property assets in the Los Angeles South Bay, California, or surrounding area, please contact us for more information.


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