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pricing for single family residence appraisals in Los Angeles area
Single Family*

pricing for townhome appraisals in Los Angeles area

prices for 2-4 units in Los Angeles area
2-4 Unit

Current Value $650 $650 $750
Retrospective Date $650 $650 $750
8 Years + Retrospective Date $800 $800 $1,000
Measure and Sketch Only $300 $300 $300

*Prices for "Single Family Homes" are for average-sized homes; for larger and/or more complex homes, the fee may be more.

Appraisal prices listed above are for standard appraisals. Home appraisals with complexities, such as residences with golf course view, guarded entrance, tennis courts, guests houses, panoramic views or solar panels, located near traffic arteries, in a unique neighborhood, or beneath the LAX flight path, may be additional. If you think your home appraisal may be complex, please request a free appraisal quote from Hooks and Associates.

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