Los Angeles South Bay home measurement and sketch service

Home Measurement Services

Approximately four out of ten homes have square footage misreported by the Los Angeles County Tax Assessors office.

John Hooks is a Certified Home Measurement Specialist, having completed the advanced training in square footage measurement, calculation and communication. Our home measurements and floor plans are legal documents that have many uses ranging from individual home sales to tax protests.

Hooks and Associates offers two types of home measurement services.

  1. Home Measurement:
    This is the most popular type of home measurement service requested to date. This service is designed to provide our clients with an accurate and affordable solution for determination of a home’s Gross Living Area (GLA). This basic service can be instrumental in assisting homeowners or realtors with the listing of their homes. Having the correct GLA in your listing can save you time and money and help expedite the sale of your home!

    Our fee for our Measurement and Sketch service starts at $300.*

  2. Floor Plan Recreation:
    Perhaps your needs are more comprehensive than a simple verification of the subject’s Gross Living Area?

    A Floor Plan Recreation is an accurate and affordable tool for marketing your home. The Floor Plans we provide show accurate GLA of the home with approximate locations of interior walls, doors, appliances and plumbing fixtures. The Floor Plans also illustrate basic room dimensions to give potential buyers an idea of each major room to plan how their furniture may fit. This service can be very useful when attempting to sell your home or looking to make additions or changes.

*Complexities in measuring, the residence or the sketch (i.e., interior wall lengths) may incur additional charges. Please contact to discuss your needs.


Could your home measurement be complex*? Please give us a call at (310) 791-1444 so we can discuss your situation.