pre-foreclosure and short sale home appraisal Los Angeles South Bay

Pre-Foreclosure and Short Sale Appraisals

As a homeowner in the Los Angeles/South Bay area, you have certain rights that protect you even if you have fallen behind on your payments. If you have slipped into default or foreclosure proceedings are looming on the horizon, you may feel that your situation is hopeless. Don't despair when there is something that you can still do about it. Hooks and Associates want to help you escape from this situation with your financial health intact.

Pre-Foreclosure and Short Sales Appraisals

Hooks and Associates can help by providing appraisal services for real estate owned (REO) and short sale situations. If you are in the greater Los Angeles County area we have a local appraiser that can provide you with a high-quality appraisal visit before your situation takes a turn for the worse. You can have a detailed fair market valuation report for your property in hand to help you deal with mortgage servicers or banking institutions as well as a forecast for your prospects if a quick sale is necessary. 

Meeting the Needs of Homeowners

Hooks and Associates foreclosure and short sale appraisal services are essential for homeowners in default, banks with REO properties and third parties in proceedings to include mortgage lenders, loan servicers, HUD, and law firms representing these interests. If you are a homeowner in distress, we want to help you get the fairest sale price possible to rescue you from foreclosure.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisals for Fair Market and Quick Disposition Sales

Whether you are fighting foreclosure or own REO property, both private owners and financial institutions need to have a calculation of the difference between what a fair market sale might bring and what value could be lost in the case of a quick disposition sale. This will help to determine the viability of a sale and the potential amount of equity or loss the event of a charge off. Knowing the financial position ownership of the property is in can help resolve the default in an acceptable manner for both parties. We can determine if there are any problems that would complicate this process, and that need to be addressed prior to sale.

Hooks and Associates is the leading provider of real estate appraiser for homeowners and REO foreclosures and short sales in greater Los Angeles area, including Palos Verdes Peninsula, Westside, Palisades, and South Bay communities. You can rely on our expertise to minimize your unnecessary financial losses throughout the foreclosure process.

Get your free appraisal quote today and take your first step toward a post-foreclosure future. 


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