• Testimonial from Robert Palmer, attorney
  • Testimonial from Cynthia (Pollack) Cox, attorney
  • Testimonial from Eric Harris, attorney
  • Testimonial from Vicki Goorchenko, realtor
  • Testimonial from Maggie Phillips
  • Testimonial from Barbara Mepis, FSBO

Testimonials for Hooks and Associates

Judy Eddy, Homeowner/Private Appraisal
Manhattan Beach, CA

"Thank you for this. It was a pleasure to work with both you and John. You both have been so helpful. Let him know that I am very pleased with the results.

Robert H. Palmer, Attorney at Law
Torrance, CA

"I have worked with John Hooks for approximately 20 years. He has provided me with date of death appraisals for trusts and estates in over 100 cases that I have been involved with. John is a highly skilled, competent professional. He performs his work in a very timely and efficient fashion and he is constantly praised by my Trustees and Executors.

"I would highly recommend John for any appraisal services."

Law Offices of Cynthia R. Cox, Inc.
A Professional Corporation
Redondo Beach, CA

"This letter is written to give you an unequivocal recommendation with regard to John R. Hooks’ appraisal endeavors. John has been assisting my clients in an estate planning context for fifteen years. He has, without exception, provided prompt, courteous and professional service, with integrity and diligence. His work product is first rate, and his demeanor always compassionate. Many of my clients worked with John after the recent loss of a loved one and are often experiencing a very difficult time. I have heard nothing but praises from my clients in the way in which John handled the situation."

"Thank you for this opportunity to comment as to John's excellent service, and if you have questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me personally."

The Law Offices of Hofer & Harris, APC
Eric Harris, Esq.
Redondo Beach, CA

"John Hooks is a very qualified real estate appraiser located in the South Bay of Los Angeles County who specializes in appraising single-family residences, townhomes and 2-4-unit properties.Because he has been in business since the 1980s and has completed over 17,000 appraisals throughout southern California, he is highly knowledgeable. For larger multi-unit and commercial properties, John will assist in bringing in a commercial appriaser (or even quarterback a team of appraisers) to fit the bill.

"John understands the nuances of properties situated in neighborhoods or pockets throughout the area that could greatly impact the value. I appreciate John's level of analysis when he appraises a property, which many other lack. Due to his experience, knowledge of the area, and deep level of analysis, I highly recommend John Hooks for your appraisal needs."

Craig and Anne Foy

"Thank you, Kathy. We enjoyed meeting John Saturday morning at the house. This is a very nice, thorough, professional and timely report. I hope John didn't fail to mention that you're a pleasure to work with. Hooks and Associates has been a positive experience for me from start to finish. Thank you both very much!"

Maggi Phillips
Abbot Kinney, Venice CA

"Many, many thanks to you and especially John for these two reports. I am very appreciative of all the work John did to get the appraisals accomplished so promptly and efficiently and to deliver such thorough reports to us. We all enjoyed and valued the experience of working with him. Again, I send my sincerest thanks."

Barbara J Mepis and Dan Vokit
For Sale By Owner
Los Angeles

"A note of thanks to you for all the the help we received from you and Kathy during the preparation for the sale of my house on Grammery Place, Los Angeles. Your advice on the pricing and the list of possible Realtors in the area of the property was what brought us to the right buyer. He represented an investor. We closed in 15 days escrow. I'm so happy. Thank you again for the appraisal and words of wisdom."

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